Customer Loyalty

We offer various styles of Loyalty Programs that will aid you in your customer retention strategy. You can choose one, all, or any combination of Loyalty Programs to suit your company's needs. Use our program with or without plastic cards; however, if you need them we can aid you in the design and distribution of the cards at a very low price per customer.

Points Program

Our most popular product, the points program will allow you to award points for every dollar spent. The points program is versatile, allowing you to award any point-to-dollar ratio you'd like. You can configure custom reward levels to be reached, and also create special promotions to give you complete control over your program.

Action-Based Program

This program allows you to reward customers based on interactions or events instead of dollars spent. There are a wide variety of ways this program can be used however, it's most commonly used as a referral solution.

Buy X Get One Free

Get rid of your old punch cards and upgrade to a modern, secure, and trackable system. Like the name suggests, this program lets you reward customers based on multiple purchases of your product or service.

Two Tier Program

A specialty program that allows for a percentage of each transaction to be added to a separate campaign. Popular for referral networks, shopping centers and many more!

Pre-paid / Reloadable Card Program

The name says it all. This program will allow your customers to buy pre-paid cards that are reloadable at their convenience.
Every program includes online enrollment, online balance check, and automatic transaction receipts for your convenience. This program is available from Ingenious Media Inc., throughout North America. Our platform is offered in 12 different languages. If your language isn’t available, simply let us know and we’ll add it. Contact us to get started today.

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