Employee Loyalty


They are much more likely to promote your brand in a positive manner, both inside and outside of the office. This generally translates into word-of-mouth marketing – the best kind of marketing. Happy employees are less likely to leave, which keeps turnover low and will save you money on training costs and errors. Gaining employee loyalty and boosting employee morale is easy with Ingenious Media.

“In short, businesses today are facing increasing problems maintaining customer and stakeholder loyalty; consequently, rather than loyalty being less important today than in the past, it is more critical and therefore requires greater business attention than ever.” - Frederick F Reichheld: Author of "The Loyalty Effect".

Motivating your employees: The employee loyalty program is designed to promote employee motivation and secure your top performers so your company will continue to grow. Not only will employee loyalty help maintain customer loyalty, but loyal employees generally help recruit other top performers to your business. Increasingly, companies are looking for new and creative ways to boost employee morale instead of an old fashioned monetary bonus. Motivating employees with direct financial compensation can actually have adverse effects. Many countries have tax laws that penalize financial bonuses, causing the incentive to be less than impressive. Generally, tax laws are much more favourable towards non-monetary rewards.


Motivating staff for training and certification can be very effective. Now you can track employee courses and recognize their achievements.


Properly tracking staff performance and production ensures accountability, allowing your company to reward top performers and provide extra training to others.


Your employees are a great resource for new customer referrals (via their friends, family, and social media) but also a great starting point when you're recruiting new hires.


As your front-line, your staff will no doubt be able to provide some really valuable insights, suggest improvements, and provide customer feedback. Need an employee survey? Ask us...
Every program includes online enrollment, online balance check, and automatic transaction receipts for your convenience. This program is available from Ingenious Media Inc., throughout North America. Our platform is offered in 12 different languages. If your language isn’t available, simply let us know and we’ll add it. Contact us to get started today.

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