Die Cut Paper

Ingenious Media is proud to be the Canadian supplier of Blanks/USA massive product line.

Here’s how printing on pre-converted paper can reduce your reliance on outsourcing and boost your bottom line, by up to 75%. 

Many printers that print on pre-converted products have realized how convenient they can be: they simply pick the product, lay it out using free downloadable layout templates, print the job, and deliver. However, an added, even bigger benefit is the cost savings that using pre-converted products can provide—which ends up bringing in more profits!

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For example, if you have a customer that wants to print raffle or event tickets, without our products, you’d have to outsource some or all of the project. You’re looking at time to get the bid, printing overage, sending the printouts to the die cutter, plus trimming, counting, and stapling packets. On the other hand, if you printed directly on pre-converted paper using your existing digital equipment, you’d be able to eliminate the outsourcing and the finishing. 

By our estimates, outsourcing and finishing ends up costing a printer $70 more to complete the job than it would if the printer used pre-converted raffle and event tickets. That adds up to a significant drop in costs—all of which can go directly to your bottom line. 

Want to see how we came up with those estimates? Read our Why It Works Guide that estimates cost savings for a variety of printing jobs. 

Savings aren’t only found in raffle tickets. Printers can see this decrease in costs over a variety of products: door hangerspresentation folderstable tents, and perforated mailers. Even when waterproof or tear resistant papers are required, you can save time and money by using pre-converted polyester sheets. Before picking up the phone to outsource your next job that requires die cutting or perforation, take a look at our line of products and do the math. You just might be able to dramatically reduce your costs and increase your profits!

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Blanks/USA Security Paper
security paper
Blanks/USA Door Hangers
door hangers
Blanks/USA Raffle Tickets
raffle & event tickets
Blanks/USA Table Tents
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Blanks/USA Folders
Blanks/USA Tab Dividers
tab dividers
Blanks/USA Sythetics
Blanks/USA Easels
cardboard easels
Blanks/USA Business Cards
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Blanks/USA Integrated Cards
integrated cards
Blanks/USA Tags
Blanks/USA Brochures
brochures & flyers
Blanks/USA Perforated Paper
perforated paper
Blanks/USA Certificate Paper
certificate paper
Blanks/USA Rounded Corner Cards
rounded corner cards
Blanks/USA Signage
displays & signage
Blanks/USA Greeting Cards
greeting cards
Blanks/USA Labels
Blanks/USA Postcards
Blanks/USA Rotary Cards
rotary cards
Blanks/USA Stock Paper
stock paper
Blanks/USA Promotional Products
promotional products

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Copytab & Tab Dividers
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