Ingenious Media offers a wide range of repositionable adhesive products in both cut sheet and roll form with a large variety of stocks to choose from.

Offer your clients ultra removable adhesives to suit their needs, we now have available high tack micro sphere adhesives for all the Canadian printers needs.

Coated and Uncoated synthetic and paper media available:

  • Sheets sized for litho printing
  • Sheets suitable for Toner based Digital printing
  • Roll media for label printing
  • Roll media for wide format printing

post it notes
- Sticky Notes and Pads
- Page Markers
- Laptop Skins
- Stickers, Labels, Decals
- Posters
- Bulletin Boards
- Counter and Floor Mats
- Mouse Pads

For Education

Removable products can help enhance the learning experience through interactive activities. Create repositionable writing surfaces and safe, tack-free bulletin boards. Sticky pads can be created with different messages on each sheet for classroom activities. Create dry erase wall graphics or sticky bulletin board wall graphics for classrooms for interactive sessions to encourage student movement.

For the Office Product market

Dependable, removable adhesive products are great for convenient note taking, brainstorming sessions, or for making announcements. Sticky pads in a multitude of sizes, colors, die cut shapes, cubes, wall graphics, dry erase graphics, bulletin board graphics, calendars, customizable flags, journals, window stickers and more.

For Advertising and Promotions

Removable and repositionable products for almost any smooth surface can get your promotion noticed in high traffic locations. These products are easy to apply and easy to remove, but they won’t come down or off until you want them to. Use them in unexpected spaces like check out, counters, windows, building pillars, car bumpers and more to get noticed. Your message can easily be displayed for maximum impact.

For Direct Mail Solutions

Give your target audience useful inserts in your mailings that they can use and get noticed for days after the mail is opened to increase exposure. Removable adhesive products also have a higher perceived value and can be personalized to add target market appeal. Sticky pads, die cuts, flags, stickers, unique graphic designs and more.

For Retail

Generate incremental sales with useful and unique removable adhesive products that can be customized in a multitude of ways. We can show you exclusive ideas to enhance your products that leverage the latest trends and deliver on-shelf noticeability. From die cut sticky pads, flags, dry erase wall graphics, eco-friendly sticky pads, tackless bulletin board wall graphics, stickers and customizable cubes. The possibilities are endless.